Chaker Khazaal PortraitChaker Khazaal, author of the compelling Confessions of a War Child trilogy, was born in 1987 to Palestinian parents during the civil war in Lebanon. Despite growing up in a refugee camp in Beirut, Chaker strived to make the most of any situation. He acted in several plays at local theatres and when he was 13, starred in Sugar of Jaffa, a film by Palestinian Director Hisham Kayed.

At the age of 17, Chaker’s strong leadership skills and highest academic average were recognized when he was awarded the prestigious Global Leader of Tomorrow Award from Toronto’s distinguished York University to study Film Production and International Development Studies.

Post graduation, he achieved community recognition as a public speaker on social media, refugee affairs, and global cooperation for developmental projects.

Chaker has been invited to speak at venues around the world, such as Google Headquarters and the United Nations in America, University of Toronto in Canada, public schools in Norway and Ukraine, unions in Lebanon, etc. He has also been asked to manage the social media platform for several entities such as the 2014 Oscar nominated film Omar.

Chaker released Part One of the Confessions of a War Child trilogy in March 2013 at the Société de Lecture Genève, Switzerland and later that year received the Award for Creativity from the Order of Saint Lazarus in California.

Chaker is often featured on-air for interviews, in print and interactive digital media around the world. He is a strong advocate for refugees, encouraging youth to immigrate from refugee camps in order to establish their lives and become active members of the international economy.

Inspired by the tragic Syrian confl ict and the horrific situation of refugees in the Middle East, Chaker was compelled to write the second part of his trilogy. The outcome – Confessions of a War Child (Lia) – Proof that love can grow amidst the dust of war.

Chaker is set to release the last book of the trilogy in 2015. The third book is titled: Confessions of a War Child (Sahara).

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