“Chaker Khazaal writes, with exquisite simplicity, fables which capture perfectly this moment of rapid change in the Arab and Western world. Confessions of a War Child – Lia is a page-turner both brutal and beautiful where love scores few clean victories but by God it puts up a fight.”

– Mike Finnerty, host, Daybreak CBC

Once again the impossibly young Chaker Khazaal enthrals us with his own brand of magical realism. Taking his favourite characters from the first book of the trilogy “Confessions of a War Child”, he weaves an intricate tale that pulls in harrowing themes of destruction, war and ultimately the triumph of the human spirit and love itself. Brooding cloud of sexual tension lingers in the air but doesn’t overpower the senses. If you enjoyed “Confessions of a War Child” you will love the spotlight on the main character, Lia. If you have yet to enter Chaker’s world, you have a delicious surprise in store. And like the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez that linger in mind for years, “Confessions of a War a Child (Lia)” will become a welcome refuge when you need to be reassured that love conquers all.

April 19, 2014 – by Wassim Ahmad

I was one of the first people to order this book on Amazon and iBooks. I did not wish to leave Chaker’s characters until I was done with the story. I did not wish to finish it because I got attached to each character. It kept me on the edge, and I felt every emotion portrayed in there. Love, hate, anger, danger, conspiracy.. Chaker Khazaal brings it all into one coherent, entertaining, funny and tragic story. This is a novel that deserves every award in literature, war, human rights, and romance. I am very proud of you Chaker Khazaal and wish to meet you one day. You have truly presented us with a master piece, Confessions of a War Child Lia.

April 20, 2014 – by InternationalReader

Chaker Khazaal, you are the writer that this century will remember.,
I read the first part of this trilogy and I fell in love with every character and event. Tonight I downloaded the Lia story and I could not put it down until I finished reading. This writer has become my favorite, and I am a strong believer that this trilogy will one day become the story of this century. I laughed, I cried, I got anxious, and I experienced every human feeling while going from one page to another. Chaker Khazaal, you are the writer that this century will remember.

April 20, 2014 – by Rahaf Abdallah